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Donata'jaq Outdoor Collections

All materials used in our outdoor collections are suitable for outdoor use.

They are resisted to a wide temperature range, from UV rays, to water, to salt and to all atmospheric agents. We do suggest covering or to keep inside the during the winter in order to extend its lifetime. All products have a normal wear in the course of time, but they can be restored with specific maintenance kits. Speak with a representative about our maintenance kits.

Bellagio Lounge Set
All the characteristics of this beautiful set are well expressed in this honey/teak color, giving a warm and lasting appeal. 





Born from the hand of Marco Corti

Kemistry of Style Studios


The modern design and the definite lines joint to the soft touch of cushion details, make this collection a product suitable for sophisticated Homes and Clients who are careful to details that exalt a useful material for outdoor and indoor living. The seat and back cushions are made with draining foams covered with outdoor fabrics












Our newest collection for outdoor furniture.


This collection characterized by a hand-weaved Teflon acrylic thermo-plastic rope, water resistant and of easy cleaning. The material is
Characterized by a “soft” appeal similar to a textile product and its resistance to UV rays and the quick drying.

The frames are made in aluminum.

The weavings, skillfully hand-worked, and are made of a synthetic resin of extruded polyveen.


The materials employed for the furnishings are the most valuable natural fibers (rattan, wicker, bamboo) and offer a high standard of quality. Durable and resistant to any atmospheric agent such as rain, salt water and their colors are UV protected.





More Collections
Coming Soon


9.ZERO Modular Sofa & Coffee Tabl
Flash Loung Set.jpg
left corner dormeuse.jpg
Embrace Sofa  and Embrace Armchair.jpg
Flash Lounge Set
Flash Lounge Set 1.jpg
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