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                     Our Outdoor Furniture

                                            Materials  &  Structures


Thanks to 40 years of experience and successful Italian Design.

Made to order by you & custom designed for you.

Our solutions aim to create an “atmosphere” which would meet and satisfy the taste and needs of our clients and  guests. Thanks to the attention to detail and finishes, Donata'jaq collaborates with several architects, designers and interior decorators for the development of beauitful furniture in Italy and America.


Amongst the elements of strength of Donata'jaq, we count on the high flexibility of productive integration, that is coupled with the synergistic relation between its resources. 

This flexibility and dynamic operative structure, together with the experience of over 40 years in research by our designers, allows continuous comparison with the best architectural studios. Our methods and research insures the customer's needs, while paying attention to the quality of materials and finishes, because of testing of resistence over the years and versatility of use, and respecting standards, the laws of physics is why we have so much pride in what we do as a HIGH-END FURNITURE COMPANY.

Incompassing all elements of designing such as: planning, design structure, materials, finishes,  quality, experience, and services this is our way of allowing our clients and their guest to have a "Living Hospitality" experience.







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Our Exterior Furnishing


Structures are produced in aluminum varnished powders.  Weaves are wisely hand-woven, and they are produced in synthetic resin of polyethylene. The materials which have been used truly recall the most valuable natural fibers, and they offer high quality standards, remaining unaltered in time, resistant to elements like rain, water and solar exposure.


The Fabrics


The fabric we use is of Tempotest fabrics, which integrates perfectly in any outdoor space creating a protection from the sun radiation, adding a touch of color, and elegance. Tempotest is the biggest fabric collection for our outdoor furnishings, created for any life style. The quality of the solution dyed fibers and the innovative finishing of Teflon Extreme, make Tempotest fabrics water/oil repellent, resistant to mold, stains, salt and U.V. fading.


                                      Donata'jaq  AVANT-GARDEN


All our frames are made in aluminum. The weavings, skilfully hand-worked, are made of a synthetic resin of extruded polyveen.

The materials employed for the furnishings are the most valuable natural fibres (rattan, wicker, bamboo) and offer the highest standard of quality.
They are durable and resistant to any atmospheric agent such as rain, salt water and their colors are UV protected.


Aluminum frame epossidic.

Extruded polyveen, water soldified.



Washable, durable, lightweight, safe, and recyclable.

Resistant to any atmospheric events: rain, salt water, UV rays, snow and all weather conditions.





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